Purple Moss is now Available!

Why Us?

Vitamin Sea Gel offers natural products to assist with holistic healing. With our main product being sea moss, our purpose is to inform those who are attracted to nature's healing and offer tools to positively impact their health and wellbeing.

WE CARE! Quality is our main focus. Unlike some suppliers, Vitamin Sea Gel provides you with all natural, sugar free, made to order smg. We believe that in order for you to truly receive all that nature has to offer, we should provide you with sea moss gel that has been mixed with spring water and fresh fruit ONLY. We take pride in informing you that your sea moss is certified and harvest from the inlets of Grenada. 

"While transitioning to a vegan lifestyle I realized I'd need a stable source to receive my nutrients; so when my research lead me to the natural nonflowering plant, sea moss, I became aware of what I wanted to do with my serving purpose. I started with my local community. During Covid the demand for the product became extremely high, it was then I turned my "hustle" into a business."

Thank you for your support and desire to have me be apart of your health journey.

- Your Sea Moss/Gel Supplier