Purple Moss is now Available!

What's Sea Moss?

So what exactly is this power house?⁣⁣

Sea moss is a macro algae plant found along tide-pools, inlets, and on the coastal regions of Asia, the Caribbean Islands, and the Atlantic coastal nations. Sea moss is loaded with 92 nutrients of the 102 nutrients your body needs. Vitamins such as potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, iron, B2, B12, phosphorus, zinc, and many more ALL FROM THE EARTH are found in sea moss. 

Purple VS Gold 

Ever wondered what makes some fruit purple, blue, or dark red?

Anthocyanins are the reason! These water-soluble vacuolar pigments, allows for the fruit, veggie, or moss to offer you more ANTI properties, such as anti-obesity effects, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and so much more! Imagine your gold moss on steroids... They are also useful in weight management and polygenic disorders. All of these effects are more-or-less related to the antioxidant properties of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins could reduce glucose levels by improved insulin resistance, protective β cells, increasing the secretion of insulin, and reducing the digestion of sugars within the intestine. This is why purple sea moss is rare to find, but highly sought out.


Why sea moss vs other supplements? 

Sea moss is 100% plant based. It provides your body with multiple nutrients at one time (the way nutrients should be taken.) On occasions, one nutrient helps you absorb the other. Other times, they work together to complete the same mission. Sea moss gel enables you to enjoy two scoops of life instead of consuming multiple isolated capsules. 

With sea moss we no longer have to worry about isolated nutrients (nutrients produced in a lab.) During the process of isolation (nutrients transformed into pill or capsule) those vitamins are removed from their original home that has needed co-factors for proper functioning. The vitamin's carcass is all that's left. It may stimulate the cells metabolism, but does with a low level of element quality (which is left behind in the plant it was ripped from.)
Sea moss is called a power house because it allows the entire body to receive multiple benefits while assisting with many underlying health issues. Sea moss gel has been known to:

-Boost the immune system 
- Excrete the body of mucus 
- Reduce the formation of blood clots
- Increase energy level 
- Alleviate depression 
-Sooth eczema and psoriasis
- Aid with restoration 
-Support thyroids (due to low iodine)
- Reduce inflammation
-Support hair, nails, and skin.
- Assist with weight loss (removing toxins, aiding with digestion) 
             Allow sea moss gel to do for you what it has done for centuries!