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Sea Moss Gel FAQ

Is it safe for kids?

Children need nutrients just as adults. Sea moss gel is a great supplement to add to your children's diet, allowing them to receive 92/102 nutrients their body needs. Children aren't bad, they're dehydrated and malnourished. 

Biggest smg tips?

DO NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE YOUR GEL. One of the many ways to consume your gel is by simply taking your tablespoons alone. Be sure during this process you are not cross contaminating your gel. 

Freeze your gel! No one wants to experience their smg expired. Turn a 2 week shelf life into 8 months by putting your smg in the freezer. 

What to do once I have received my smg?

Upon receiving your gel, immediately refrigerate it.

Should I order the large size?

Absolutely, never allow yourself to go without your nutrients. Freezing your gel is a great way to preserve it. Place your gel in ice trays. After they are frozen empty them into freezer zip-loc bags. Or, grab our dry sea moss and make it when needed. 

When does my sea moss expire ?

See labeling. Your original smg will last 1 month in the fridge and 1 year in the freezer. Your mixed fruit smg will last 2 weeks in the fridge and 8 months in the freezer. Once your smg has a foul smell and change of color that is a clear indicator it is no longer good to consume.

Dry sea moss last 1 year in a sealed container or bag. 

How much and how often should I take my smg?

We recommend consuming 2 maximum tablespoons of your gel 3-4 days weekly. Moderation is always key. Don't compromise your health with over consumption. 

What are the different ways to use sea moss?

Sea moss has versatile usage (edible and topical) Visit our social media pages to see our favorite ways to use the plant:

  • thicken recipe dishes (soups, stews, sauces).
  • add it to your beverages (tea, juices, smoothies)
  • dairy free elixirs 
  • tablespoons separately
  • serving children? Add it to their applesauce, or smash banana.
  • applying smg to your face routine allows it to restore your face and skin (apply the gel as a mask for 20min, rinse, and apply your favorite moisturizer.)
  • rich in minerals smg has been known to assist with many skin conditions due to inflammation (eczema and psoriasis.) 

What are some of the benefits of sea moss?

Loading the body with vitamins and minerals, smg for centuries has been known for its holistic health benefits. Some include but are not limit to…

- Antiviral, antimicrobial, & antibacterial 

 -Boosting the immune system (Mineral and vitamin high content)

- Excreting the body of mucus (Consistency Mucilaginous)

- Increase energy level (Includes iron)

- Alleviates depression (Includes magnesium and potassium)

- Skin restoration (Includes sulfur)

-Assist with libido (Includes Iodine)

- Reduces inflammation (Includes Omega 3 fatty acids)

- Assist with weight loss (Improves metabolism, offers gentle laxative effects)

- Thyroid support (in case of low iodine)

Soothes respiratory infections (Anticoagulant)

Who shouldn't consume smg ?

Individuals suffering with Hashimoto's disease and individuals on routined blood thinning prescriptions. Sea moss is a natural anti-coagulant. 

 Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our product we do not offer refunds after the product has been delivered. If you receive your product(s) damaged, please take a photo and contact us immediately for more information. Communication of any cancelled orders will need to be completed before the order has been processed. All confirmed cancelled orders will be emailed once the order has been updated. 

Is sea moss safe for pregnant women?

We are not medical doctors and advise that you research on you own clarity. We can inform you that sea moss is full of natural folate and iron and many holistic women (and women of the plant-base lifestyle) consume sea moss before, during, and after giving birth. 

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